Thursday, 7 March 2013

Odds and Ends

This well-known vocaloid song by ryo here receives some special treatment, with a five-piece group featuring different models of Miku. Animation is by the almost equally well-known brotherP, which accounts for the very high standard and sheer creativity behind this.

Now, to those Miku models: because the last time I set the challenge of guessing which models were in a video I received precisely no responses, this time I'll tell you(!)
  • Animasa
  • Kio 2013
  • Lat
  • Tda
  • XS
For anyone who wants a challenge anyway, I shan't tell you which is which; but as a clue, it's the Animasa model on piano. The other four I'll leave you to work out.

Do not be sad when we see what appears to be decay and death near the end: it is only a prelude to what follows...

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