Saturday, 23 March 2013

Tweet of the Day – 23 March 2013

From the ashes of His Grace, Archbishop Cranmer...
" says has 'a slight weakness' of turning Jesus into Cheesus Better than making him Karl Marx"
Got it in one! I saw the ghastly Giles Fraser on BBC's This Week just nine days ago, and witnessed the trendy Lefty type of supposed Christian who was just about as far from what Jesus was as it is possible to position oneself. The fellow's entire manner and slant were so full of the devil's agenda that it all brought into stark relief the reality of Satan's infiltration of the church with his subversives.

It's a pity it has dropped off the (very limited!) BBCiPlayer facility – I have just checked – but (UPDATE) I've just found the relevant excerpt at YouTube instead, and it tells its own story. Don't be fooled by thinking this is real 'passion'. It isn't: it's just a way to push a specific political agenda, as the stepping-back technique soon shows us...

It is about time that someone (perhaps His Grace) definitely laid to rest the myth that any true Christian could be a Lefty. As all the Left are entirely dependent upon deception, theft, dictatorship and oppression, it is obvious from square one that they can never, under any circumstances, have the right approach and outlook to follow in Christ's footsteps.

We all have difficulties in even approaching that ideal as it is, but placing insurmountable blocks in the way really isn't the way to go if one is serious and genuine in one's intentions. Flatly, the political Left are in diametric opposition to to Jesus' (and his Father's) intentions for us, and that can never be changed, merely camouflaged before the gullible whom such tricksters need to fool. They don't fool God, though!

The Giles Fraser types of this world will find it easy to be offered plenty of air time and support on Beelzelbub's Broadcasting Con-trick (BBC) but the rest of us need to be alert and not be taken in. The 'stepping back' method I have espoused is useful here.

For all Justin Welby's faults (and I have already spotted a few possibles) his approach is essentially a good one, and right for the current era. Giles Fraser is probably permanently incapable of even understanding that, let alone having a clue about what is a good approach. Welby's style will not be endorsed by Karl Marx, for a start...

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