Saturday, 9 March 2013

John's Vocawards

I have for a few weeks been thinking about devising my own awards for the best Vocaloid/UTAU songs, performances, outfits, and scenery (stages), in various categories.

It's a long way from coming to fruition, especially as I am still studying what is 'out there' (and there is a lot of it), but just as a taster the following are some of the likely contenders...
  • Most compelling stage performance – Luka (Double Lariat / Luka Luka Night Fever)
  • Best duet – Miku and Luka (Magnet / World's End Dancehall)
  • Most impressive costume – Miku (SPiCa, second outfit)
  • Prettiest song – Arirang (SeeU) or Tatsumaki (Miku)
  • Most beautiful song – Even Though My Song Has No Form (Miku)
  • Cutest song/performance combination – Nekomimi Switch (Lapis)
  • Funniest/cheekiest song and performance – Daughter of Evil (Rin)
  • Most feminine stage performer – SeeU
  • Most imposing male performer – Gakupo
  • Silliest song and motion – Po Pi Po
There we have ten categories already, and I'm sure I shall come up with more soon.

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