Saturday, 9 March 2013

Miku Day test of Domino's Miku App

Here's a review of the Domino's Pizza app, which is actually available around the world; and although one cannot order pizzas for delivery outside of Japan, the other features work.

It's by Alex of Subtokyo, who always does his reviews in this easy-to-follow style and they work well, I have found, this one included.

This was done earlier today, which is Miku Day in Japan: that's 3 / 9 in the US-style dating convention they have adopted for Western dates – and we all know the significance of '39' (in Japanese: 'san kyu', an easy phonetic way for Japanese people to remember how to say "thank you" to English speakers).

See here not only how to order a pizza in japan, but also how the app recognises the special boxes – and trials have shown that a photograph of such a box displayed on a computer screen also works – and uses the box as a stage, whose design can be picked from a modest selection, for a live performance on your iPhone (it's not currently available for Android)...

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