Wednesday, 27 March 2013

The Scream

Occasionally, especially in rock music, there is a genuine application for a female vocalist to literally scream. It can be overplayed or mis-timed, as I have noticed on (thankfully rare) occasions; but if done well it genuinely can add something to a performance of particular songs.

In regard to the Vocaloid world, I don't think anyone would challenge the contention that Miku is the best at this, and is also a surprisingly good rock vocalist overall, despite her naturally feminine voice. Anyone in doubt of this needs to watch her perform Secret Police at Kansai – a sock-blowing-off rendition if ever there was one in this world

Here is a song and video performance I have posted here before, though this time with English captioning, which is helpful though unsurprising in its nature. Check out the scream at 1 minute 23 seconds in to see what I mean about Miku's more-or-less ownership of this particular feature. I should add that, although this is used sparingly in her repertoire, there are a couple of other examples I have found that are equally impressive and appropriate.

I'm sure there are (human) others out there who are in the same league, but in the Vocaloid world I think it is the queen who has this sewn up...

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