Saturday, 2 March 2013

Arirang Live On Stage

SeeU performs two songs here: Ddararira and Arirang, the latter of which regular visitors here will probably already recognise. I found it powerful and moving for some reason, when we got to that second song. This was performed at a live concert in Seoul, South Korea, just a few weeks ago, on 19 January 2013, and the video has just been uploaded in the past couple of days..

SeeU really is quite stunning on stage, probably the best of the Vocaloids in that regard and quite possibly including everyone else as well(!) While Luka has the most commanding stage presence, SeeU is the most feminine. I can easily understand why Saul Preston (now 'Paul Lloyd') in my short story Vika was so taken with her. Perhaps he saw this concert and that was what set him on his lifetime's quest...

The video starts off with the camera zoomed out too far away, and occasionally strays outward again later on, where the strong lighting defeats the camera's exposure capabilities and it bleaches out the image somewhat. Do stick with it, though: it is genuinely well worth it when we do get to zoom in, the first such time being at twelve seconds in (part-zoom) and just over a minute in (full zoom-in). It's a seven minute video, so there's plenty of good material here, and it's quite captivating...

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