Saturday, 23 March 2013

Tatsumaki (Tornado)

Although the stage performance of this very attractive song is really good, and great fun (and very obviously so when you watch), the sound quality of those recordings hasn't been as good as it ought to be, ideally. Also, it needed to be voice-performed by Miku and not merely mimed by her, despite the admittedly high standard set by the voice of SF A2-Miki in those live performances.

Therefore, on this occasion I am foregoing the (hugely enjoyable) dance routine and just going all-out for sound quality. Here, then, is Tatsumaki written by Vokalekt Visions' neutrinoP and Tempo-P (music) and Tempo-P (lyrics) as usual, and is now performed and illustrated using Miku 'append solid'.

There are still no English translations of the lyrics, though these usually seem to turn up with the newer songs in due course, so I shall keep looking.

I bet even a certain 'Sad' lady (Sue from Rainham) of whom I know, and who is definitely not a Vocaloid fan, would probably enjoy this...

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