Tuesday, 19 March 2013


A six-vocaloid chorus performs this very good number (and, yes, I do recognise which voices are in the chorus, how did you guess?) which I provide as partial compensation for my removal of the Kansai concert video from here: that has been as a result of uncertainty as to whether this official video was actually licensed for upload at this time.

No doubt it will be confirmed OK for so doing at some stage, just as the various other concerts happily live, in full and in parts, on YouTube, where they continue to provide free awareness/advertising and add to demand for merchandise far more than the companies involved could ever achieve on their own. It is a near certainty that this was at least one big part of the reasoning behind making so much of the Vocaloid 'genre' open licensed, for example. Canny these Japanese, y'know!

Anyway, with this video, at least you get the same number of Vocaloids as appeared in that concert, though not necessarily exactly the same line-up...

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