Monday, 25 March 2013

In Pause Mode

As far as news, comment and current affairs are concerned, I have been in 'pause mode' since the new post-Leveson regulation framework came into being, apparently taking effect in respect of material published from Saturday just gone. This still isn't clear, but I am taking no chances...

Other topics (for I am lucky in having a multi-dimensional menu) are meanwhile continuing as normal.

I hear that an amendment is being presented by a Peer a little later today, which if accepted will exempt small blogging outfits and indeed all those covered by a specified definition in the Companies Act(s).

Once the outcome of that is known, and what the precise status of bloggers such as myself is and from when, I shall resume my former activities at the appropriate time, which might be immediately or it may need to await the completion of certain processes first.

We shall see; and in the meantime, that's as much as I shall write about the subject until there is further news, except to say that it is a fitting topic for Medway Monday, so I am featuring this post in that weekly exercise today.

UPDATE @ 1500 hrs: The amendment has been presented comfortably before the deadline (which passed barely a minute ago as I write this update). Guido has the details. If it should be accepted in the form given there, it means that local political bloggers will need to concentrate their commentary and reporting on a specific area, rather than deal with national issues except incidentally where related to something about which they are writing.

This will mean a shift in emphasis for me and for many others as well, so still isn't ideal as there is no reason why that should have to happen. I'm sure lots of dodges will be devised by others to get around such a restriction if it ends up incorporated into the final version of the Bill and passed, though I expect to play it straight, as ever, and just live with it.

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