Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Love Logic, by Mayu

Another Daniwell song (you'll recognise some similarity to his Nekomimi Switch) performed by my 'bride' (ahem!) Mayu. There are English subtitles, and I suspect they reflect quite well the sorts of feelings that ordinary folk (especially teenagers starting out in that game) experience.

It's all rather cute actually, with Usano Mimi (Bunny Ears) well in evidence too; and despite the relatively simple animation and graphical quality in the video it actually works very well. Usano Mimi is the only cuddly toy I know with a Neumann U87 – or is it a TLM103? – microphone sticking out the top of his head: that's certainly a first!

Oh, and the infamous Mayu axe is absent on this occasion, so all is safe...

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