Thursday, 2 January 2014

Telling My World

I have decided that one of my missions this year will be to tell my part of the world about Vocaloids, and to contribute to the body of works by producing my own material. Of course, if I find that my efforts aren't much good, they'll never appear in any public place; but I'm hoping that with a little practice some usable tracks can be produced.

This is due to kick off in those two directions later this month: one by getting Miku English as already promised, the other by being a kind of freelance publicity agent. I shall say no more about the latter until and unless I am able to achieve at least something in that direction – and here I am going way beyond what I can achieve here and on social media – but I should have some news toward the end of this month.

Meanwhile, here's Miku with kz/Livetune's classic Tell Your World, with English subtitles, and set in a planetarium of all places...

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