Thursday, 16 January 2014

Daydream Flight – New Video

This is, in effect, the video of that Vocafarre Augmented Reality (AR) performance by little fairy Lapis, but with a few extras now added. For example, the blue studded AR 'target' that we saw on the guitarist's shoulder for Little Wish makes an appearance here. It went up on YouTube just twelve days ago.

It is also good to get a closer-in and clearer (despite the low resolution) view of more of what was going on, and from different camera angles this time, including going up the steps at the start. Obviously the tech issues with that starting sequence during the Vocafarre live performance don't exist in this version either.

There are no English words this time, so just enjoy the spectacle and the music. The words are subtitled in the version I posted here not so very long ago (just search for Vocafarre in the 'blog's Search box) so are easy enough to find here, and of course from the usual external sources, if desired...

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