Monday, 6 January 2014

Carry On Vocaloid

No, this isn't a saucy British comedy, but a Vocaloid version of the Donna Summer (co-written with Giorgio Moroder) song. This is performed here by that most impressive of newcomers, Maika, masterfully produced by 'VocaloidMaster Guiseppe' who has been doing some great work with Maika, a couple of examples of which I have already featured.

This has previously been done (I think in its original form/language) by Sonika, I understand, though I haven't heard that version as yet, so cannot comment further.

There are no English words provided in or with this Spanish-language video; but the lyrics to the original are easy enough to find, and the subtle changes in this version are obvious, as you'll pick up on as soon as your hear them...

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