Thursday, 9 January 2014


Gynoid is what this type of humanoid robot, this one being code HRP-4C, is being called. Others are being called actroids or simply androids, and no doubt other terms will be coined over time. The video below shows a few of its (her?) movements including walking, gestures and facial expressions, some coordinated.

Her normal stance and walking mode has her arms in what these days might well be termed the 'MMD pose' (MikuMikuDance), as MMD models are invariably pictured in the same pose.

This is one of those that have been made to appear almost startlingly human-like, and there are several others that have been shown in public over the past two or three years – also Japanese. One can see that the concept of the (so far) fictitious human-type Cylons isn't at all far-fetched, when one realises just what could become possible within just decades from now...

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