Tuesday, 21 January 2014

EU Exit Film – The Trailer

This two-minute trailer to what is to be a full production fronted by David Campbell Bannerman regarding the question of Britain's possible exit from the EU – 'BRExit' – gives the flavour of what is to come. It is my favourite kind of production is this kind of arena: myth-busting, factual, and dealing with the vested interests and other scaremongerers quite effectively.

I am pleased that non-EU countries within continental Europe, such as Norway and Switzerland, have contributors in interviews, as this really helps to set the record straight. Indeed, those two countries are prospering while the rest of the EU is in general decay and widespread crisis.

I have said before, on quite a few occasions both privately and in public, that timing is crucial when it comes to the ultimate decision regarding Britain's position within or outside of the European Union – and it looks as though I have been on the right lines. With what has been happening within the EU, the UK Government's plans for re-negotiation and a referendum, and this new film, all the requisite ingredients are coming together in correct sequence and at the proper times to maximise the probability of our getting this right – which is to choose to leave that Union.

Here's the trailer...

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