Saturday, 25 January 2014

Is a Mac a BAD Apple?

Well, Macne Petit is here singing Bad Apple, so one can't help but wonder(!)

Anyway, I thought visitors might like to know how the little 'un of the Macne family sounds solo, after the previous video, so here she is. I notice that some people are calling these 'Macloids', I gather after the name of the plug-in that enables a producer to use them natively rather than as sort-of UTAU.

I know relatively little about this as yet, and am still learning the technicalities and terminology, so apologies in advance if it should one day turn out that I have any of this incorrect.

Anyway, here's Macne Petit, with her green curls flying all over the place, a few costume changes, and a cute look right at the end that says "Have I forgotten something?"

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