Saturday, 25 January 2014

Freely Macne

Sort of:...

It's some of the Macne 'family' performing Mitchie-M's famous Freely Tomorrow, with Macne Nana taking centre stage and lead vocal. Backing is provided by her dad (Macne Papa) and also little sister (Macne Petit) with her cute but slightly mischievous looking eyes(!)

Macne, as I have mentioned before, means 'Mac sound', and refers to the fact that these voice synths were created specifically to work on the Apple Mac range of computers, with the software that exists on that platform such as GaragaBand, and able to transfer files in a small range of formats that allow use as if they were UTAU.

Anyway, it all works well; and though Nana's voice requires work to make it sound natural (it can tend to sound slightly robotic), it is possible to achieve good results...

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