Thursday, 16 January 2014

Cry For The Star

New vocaloid Kokone's second demo song has been uploaded today; and I think it is a better demo – more conventional, yes, but genuinely better too, without taking anything away from the first demo. Put together, they are showing at least some of her promise.

This video also treats us to several of the static images of her avatar that now exist. The casual observer will no doubt think that her appearance is simply another variation upon the generic theme of all of these – and at a first-level appraisal, such a judgment would be correct.

It is, nevertheless, a worthwhile exercise to engage one's higher mental functions and at least begin to perceive the individuality of each and every one of the Vocaloid avatars. It's there, and many of us in the world have already 'clicked' in this regard.

There is a special moment when one reaches that very point, and Kokone – whose avatar is perhaps less distinctive in some regards than many others – is perhaps the best catalyst for some folk find that realisation for themselves.

In the meantime, here is the new song. Her softer, though quite grown-up, voice works well with this material, which wouldn't be so good (if one imagines how it would be) with some of the other, higher-pitched voices. There are no English words provided as yet, but I shall keep alert for them for the future...

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