Friday, 24 January 2014

Miku Wing Shops

There are two of these at Tokyo's Haneda Airport, the main one in one part of the airport and a smaller 'international' version in the so-called Cool Zone. They are there only until the end of March.

The theme of these shops is of courae Miku merchandise, but they are based around the idea of a winged Miku, of which there is a life-size model in the centre of each shop, as well as other indications such as the store's door-side signage.

This video from the always-useful (if a little basic in terms of presentation) Sub-Tokyo duo gives us a good look inside each shop, and shows us the Miku Miku Hockey game about which I have been reading in several places recently, as well as a very interesting 'welcome mirror'. Trust me: it's worth sticking with this to the end...

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