Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Tell Your Universe

In a busy week in the Vocaloid world, we have already seen IA's second 'birthday' a couple of days ago, and now we have Luka's fifth such anniversary today (actually in preparation for the day itself, tomorrow), and also today confirmation that Miku's Wake Up, Rosetta video-and-song message will be among those to be sent out into space.

Miku only just scraped through, though, in tenth place – and that was only because another of the original ten winners was disqualified. Her voice will be telling Rosetta to wake up, and the listening universe will also be able to hear and see her.

Regarding that contest, it was supposed to have a ninety-second time limit. That was in the rules. Several of the winning entires are significantly longer in duration than the limit, one almost doubt and another over double. What is the point in having rules and then letting some participants ignore them, especially when others have stuck to the rules.

Okay, an odd second or two doesn't matter (there are technical oddities with videos than can  make the 'count' not quite match the video's actual length, overstating the length, as I have seen a number of times) but noy the ones we have in the winners' list.

As far as voting is concerned, it is notable that four of the winners, including three or the four highest voted for, are by schoools, which must have helped (all those parents, teachers and governors for a start). Nothing wrong with that, of course: it's just worth noting in passing, just in case anyone wondered why this was.

Anyway, here's a short video featuring IA, Luka and Miku together, which seems fitting...

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