Monday, 27 January 2014

Konata's Song For Her Dad?

The song here has the slightly dubious title of I'm Glad You're A Lolicon, which I gather is a term for someone who likes the younger ladies perhaps a little too much to be entirely healthy. In the anime series Lucky Star, Konata had long realised that her dad was one such, though in practice he seemed to be harmless enough.

It seems to be not all that uncommon in Japan, possibly caused by all the 'cutesy' outfits worn in and out of school. Anyway, it's all well beyond me, so let's just enjoy fairy Lapis and her dancers (Mayu and a shorter-haired Miku variant) performing the song of that title in a brand new video.

There are no English words provided – and for all I know that might be just as well, as I might not have felt comfortable posting this otherwise, depending what the lyrics mean (and no, I don't wish to know, so don't anyone tell me!) This is just a musical and visual feast, and I rather like it on that basis. Besides anything else, it is rare to encounter those wonderful Saboten eyes on Mayu and Lapis together – which, if I'm being brutally honest with myself, was the final straw that made me want to share this here. Predictable, I know...

Their colourful outfits, both at the start and after the first change, are somewhat reminiscent of the psychedelia-inspired fashions of the 'sixties that one could find in places like Carnaby Street and Camden indoor market. Although they might be thought almost garish, they do actually work very well in these settings and with this quite tuneful song...

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