Thursday, 2 January 2014

La Chica Ye Ye

On the morning that many folk will be going back to work after New Year's Day, how's about a bright, bouncy but measured song to get everyone going?

This is La Chica Ye Ye and it's in Spanish, so you don't need to listen to the words – but feel free to be impressed by their clarity, for this is the excellent Maika performing here. It is said that the Sonika version is 'cuter', but this one surely cannot be beaten for its clean sound and clear pronunciation...


  1. Te puedo decir que la pronunciación es perfecta ( I can tell you that the pronunciation is just perfect ).

  2. Thanks for that confirmation! Not that I am surprised: I am very impressed by Maika and by her users, such as in this instance.

    I have a feeling that this year – in which it has become my mission to go further than last year's 'awareness campaign', and become more pro-active – is going to turn out to be a significant time for the Vocaloid genre...and it is by having a range of top-quality material to use as examples that it will become possible to 'sell' the concept even here in Britain.


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