Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Let's Have Fun A Little (I Am Yours)

(Updated and corrected) That's what was given as the apparent title of neutrino's latest song, again sung by GUMI, coming hard on the heels of the much more profound song for which I wrote the lyrics and featured here just last week. The actual title is Watashi no Anata ('I Am Yours'), the composer tells me in the comments.

This is altogether a much lighter and more mainstream number, and is in Japanese, so here is a link to the English words. I wasn't involved in this one at all: I come in only when it's in English – though I could have been used to proofread the English lyrics, as there are a few minor 'sillies' in there...but it's fairly obvious what was meant!


  1. Yep, the translation is provided by the same Yann Stepienik, who is actually a French guy. I'm a bit jealous on him because he can learn the Japanese language, not like me. But if it will be possible for him, he will create more Japanese lyrics for me, until my partner Tempo will come back with new ideas!

  2. Uhh... my bad! Just noticed that the title you said it here is a wrong pick from the description. Te title is "Watashi no anata" (Japanese) - somehow translated to "I'm yours" in my opinion (Yann forgot to write that)

  3. Thanks for the information, and especially the correction which I have now included in the text of my post.

    In all the work required to put these things together, it is so easy to overlook something, even the title of the piece(!)


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