Sunday, 18 August 2013

Sunday Slot – 18 August 2013

I found this from Chief Rabbi Jonathon Sacks a couple of months ago, and have held back from including a link and reference to it until some of my other Sunday Slots were in place and readers had been given a chance to digest them.

It is important to read through the whole article, as it covers the ground from a range of viewpoints and directly quoting several notables in the process. It all hangs together, dealing with the subject of religion in society, rather than individual faith per se.

The conclusion, borne out by history both ancient and modern, is that a society falls apart when it loses its religion (as R.E.M. might have put it) – specifically, the Judeo-Christian kind of ethic.

As the man intimates, we are already seeing some of the effects of this happening in British society in parallel with the shift away from (mainly, in this nation) Christianity. While there is far from a hundred percent obvious correlation between the specifics that the Chief Rabbi cites (e.g. the various scandals in recent years) and that religious shift, it can no doubt be demonstrated by insiders that the connection is a lot closer than it appears on the surface, as we see in the public gaze.

There is also the devil working in the background to encourage all of this, and almost certainly manipulating a lot of people and, through them, events to make sure that our society does collapse – which is one of his primary aims. In this Satan is aided by atheists, Islamic and other fundamentalists, the political left, and probably a range of others as well.

It really is necessary to understand that there is a war going on in the world, non-stop, between the forces of good and evil. Cliché it might seem to be, but that's how it is. The obvious military-like planning, propaganda, subversion, attrition and all the other (mostly invisible) aspects of war are all going on constantly, and the considerable majority of people seem to be blissfully unaware of it and are thus ripe for the picking.

They more-or-less sleepwalk into doing the devil's work, whether they realise it or not. Note that this includes all Lefties, regardless of whether they are deluding themselves into believing otherwise. In the church, this represents one aspect of subverting Christianity – just as, say, Common Purpose 'graduates' are placed where they are to subvert and degrade the performance of whichever organisation they have infiltrated.

Same method, same cause, same originator.

Knowing all of this (as I and many others do) is why I have to take such a robust stance, as it is the only way to 'fight the good fight' (with all my might).. Those who seek to persuade me and my readers otherwise are, quite obviously, serving a different deity from the one I try to serve, in their case the Great Deceiver.

While on the surface they can be doing good works (hopefully) their thinking is skewed if that can even for a minute believe that an ideology that universally, world-wide, is based entirely on deception, theft, oppression, casual murder (and encompasses virtually all the mass murder the world has known for at least the last hundred years), State-veneration (Communism and especially Fascism) and the destruction of Judeo-Christian worship, among other obviously ungodly ideologies of the Left.

Don't be taken in by all their 'helping the poor' and similar nonsense: they depend on keeping as many people as possible poor, so they become dependent upon the State for handouts and similar. The idea olf 'helping the poor' is just the (increasingly transparent over time) sales pitch, which then becomes the self-justification for and by those who were fooled and are now effectively trapped. Some of them do have the wits to realise they were conned, but not many...

In much the same way, don't be fooled by atheists into taking this great nation further down the road to collapse and, ultimately, barbarism and savagery. Other places who have already trodden that frighteningly inhuman path should act as a permanent warning to the rest of us.

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