Saturday, 10 August 2013

The Devalued Prime Minister

It has been a while, so it seems timely to remind ourselves of what Daniel Hannan MEP said to James (a.k.a. Gordon) Brown in the European Parliament back in March 2009.

I picked today as, once again, Labour's plans for our country's economy have been evaluated into a bill of some £2,960 for every working household in Britain, this figure coming into the public awareness this very morning.

It is interesting to read of Labour's accusation of "same old Tories" – who have changed considerably, as they tend to do periodically – and the opposite claim of "same old Labour" – who once again prove that they haven't moved on. In fact, they are sliding backwards towards the 1970s not only with debt, but also with Union dominance over them.

All of this comes into sharp relief as we listen to Dan H and recognise so much of what he says in what is happening within Labour even now...

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