Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Admin Note

Sorry about the log-in request for a few hours today. It appeared when posted the Lost Tales item, and even occurred when I was showing just that post alone, so it seemed to be a mysterious adjunct to the video.This was odd as there is no unusual code in that post.

Anyway, after some thinking time, I realised that it must have been a coincidence, and that something else was to blame. I went through my blogroll and found – and removed – the offending entry, so the problem no longer exists here.

It is a clumsy way for this to be handled at 'the other end' when one hasn't even tried to access the actual site that has now gone: it should just show a blank entry in the blogroll. I periodically weed out dead links anyway, so there really is no need for the (former) hosting company to do what this one did. It happens very rarely, so obviously isn't necessary as I am always finding 'blogs that have gone, but they don't generate errors here...

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