Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Babylon 5 – The Lost Tales

When this came out, some six years ago, it received very mixed reactions. I have just been through it, and found both stories to have been handled very well indeed. I am impressed with this!

Okay, so the first story makes that cardinal error of equating space with heaven – heaven isn't in this universe! – and there are a few other matters that are mere quibbles, but even with the minimal cast (everyone else was away, conveniently) it still worked well.

Both stories are good (if one suspends disbelief about the space=heaven line and how God would actually set things up in preparation for mankind's venture into deep space) but the second is better. Both, but again the latter in particular, are good reminders of the sheer quality of Tracy Scoggins, whose background in the profession might lead one to an erroneous and foregone conclusion.

The lady really is much better than her earlier performing antics tend to suggest, indicating that humanity can rise above its animalistic roots and become something much better. That in itself is a valuable lesson to learn – and it isn't something I say very often. I'd be honoured to meet Tracy Scoggins nowadays, whereas there was a time when (if I had known about her at that time) I'd have found a way to avoid doing so.

It's also great to see Teryl Rothery in this. I have missed her since her character was killed off in Stargate SG-1 a few years ago.

So, these two Lost Tales turn out to be a lot better than some have judged during these past few years, or so I consider them to be. Am I wrong? Possibly, but others will have to judge. Reserve a quiet hour to go through this: I think you'll come out the other end feeling that it was a worthwhile exercise...

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