Sunday, 11 August 2013

Sunday Slot – 11 August 2013

At last, a video from someone who 'gets it', uploaded earlier this week. Such are rare, I have found...

Although his style might be less than perfectly clear in places – and I know from experience how difficult narrating a complete video in one go tends to be – the Vigilant Christian (as he styles himself) covers well enough the vitally important topic that I have been banging away at for years: that the New World Order (NWO) that the likes of Obama and Blair/Brown have been pushing is in reality Satanic, however cleverly disguised.

Although this particular video concentrates on the main message, so does not cover specifically how the world's political Left are mostly or (more likely) all mixed up in the NWO programme, the references to the likes of the Illuminati help to set the scene. It is all of a piece.

More significantly, and as I have been realising for years, all that is happening now and what it truly means was revealed to us in the Holy Bible two thousand years ago. This isn't a case of conveniently interpreting what is happening today in a way to make it look as though it was prophesied: it really was, and that is becoming ever more obvious with the passage of time.

It is the Obama aspect that is probably the most telling, and that is hardly surprising; but just about anywhere you look you can easily recognise Satan's agenda, as the Vigilant Christian describes it so well, being promoted and enforced throughout an increasing proportion of the world.

I have mentioned previously the aim by the NWO proponents of getting us to fight each other to create chaos, to give the powers-that-be the excuse to introduce martial law and establish their New World Order out of that (engineered) chaos – and that too is covered in this video.

It is all as I have previously described; and one would be surely have to be dim-witted to either miss it entirely or to be fooled even now into going along with the programme that has been planned for us.

Yet it is being done so thoroughly that, for many (perhaps most), it will be difficult to 'think above' what is being presented in the right way. From what I so often read in various places, it is more likely that the opposite will happen and the bulk of the population will instead move further in the wrong direction, having been completely taken in and also increasingly desperate for the promised 'order from the chaos'.

Watch this quarter-of-an-hour video and see where you then stand...

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