Sunday, 4 August 2013

Sunday Slot – 4 August 2013

I deliberately took a couple of weeks off these Sunday Slots, to find out whether my earlier controversy continued beyond that first week; but as I expected, it didn't...

As part of the research for my long-awaited novel, I have been ploughing through yet more material on aliens, UFOs, extra/higher dimensional beings, the Grand Portal, the central universal consciousness, the central universal race, the central universal council, and all manner of other topics in the same general area.

Many of them are mutually exclusive, and these tend to be of the 'channelling' variety so have no physical evidence to back up any of them. The only fairly firm (as I cannot see any way that most of them could have been faked) are a large number of the UFO videos/films, and the preprocessed (by NASA) far side of the moon images of many, many alien constructions and the occasional huge spaceship (one ancient derelict hulk being over 5 kilometres in length). These do not show in the images released to the public, having been airbrushed out.

Now, the moon itself is an anomaly, as has been known for a long time. It is over-sized, it magically rotates as just the right rate to keep one side of it hidden from our direct gaze, and it has materials in its crust that really don't belong there. In fact the entire moon doesn't belong there!

It is indicated that it is in reality a kind of space colony, with its inhabitants living inside what is believed to be a hollow vehicle, and it was brought here for whatever purpose some billion and a half years ago, remaining as a base of operations for at least one alien race ever since. That is possible but not yet demonstrated.

Anyway, all of this – and there is lots more – affords unbelievers in God an opportunity to show that they were right all along, especially when it is claimed that the aliens shaped the human race, and might even have been responsible for our being here. Who needs a God? they might well ask (and I have seen a fair amount of such assertion).

There are three (at least) big reasons why this can be seen to be an incorrect deduction, and indeed a logical fallacy...

First is that (as I have mentioned previously) what I term the 'nuts and bolts' of how God's plans are put into action tend to be enacted through his creations. In effect he uses those others to do what is necessary to advance his plans, whether or not they are aware of it. If true, I expect they probably were well aware.

I have applied the analogy of a computer, describing how various bits of it work, but concluding that none of it explains why it is there. The nuts and bolts are just the means to an end, and it is the person or persons behind the design whose plan resulted in the finished product, no matter who actually sourced the components and assembled it.

Second is the fact that none of explains where the materials (i.e. the universe itself, and all within it) originated, nor who all these sentient entities are. They're not just inanimate stones (or similar) but have consciousness and a soul. Those are not even part of the universe.

Third, many of the fifty-eight alien races supposedly known to have visited Earth in the past, with some still around and others returning periodically, do have their own religion or faith system, based around the concept of one or more creators.

On top of all of that, millions of people alive in the world today, and more millions who came before, have been personally well aware of God through their own relationships and what has happened in their lives, much of which (by their own testimony) is revealed to be having needs met by the necessary provisions being made in advance, and coming together at the time they are needed. I have had such things happen to me, most recently when I had my episode in the street over two years ago.

One can conclude that the world, the moon and the universe beyond are getting more complicated in our knowledge-base as the years pass (and it looks like this could become significantly more so toward the end of this decade, by the way) but the foundation of it all – God – remains inviolate in the overall scheme of things, and rightly so!

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