Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Londo and Garibaldi

I have said before that Babylon 5 often had its best in the two-men-in-a-room scenario. It didn't have to be a closed, private room and could actually be a lift, or as here, a bar. On the occasion it was Delenn with G'Kar, in season 3, it didn't even have to be two men specifically, although it usually was.

This is such a scene, and has the masterful Peter Jurasik as Londo with Mr Garibaldi – whom I featured in my last clip, but this is several years earlier than that. It is just so much fun, and starts with the line and action that I sometimes use at social dining events when someone sitting next to me has a glass of water. For anyone who thought I might have made it up, here is the original...

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