Thursday, 8 August 2013

Oxygène Part 2

Just about everone and his dog remembers (or, in the case of the dogs, was told by their owner) that Oxygène part 4 was the lead track off that 1977 project album by Jean Michel Jarre. They are correct, and it was the right track to be released as a single.

However, the most beautiful track was always part 2; and although Jarre has since composed and performed numerous other beautiful pieces, along with many stark and dramatic, sometimes even soulful, occasionally downright joyous items, nothing can detract from this superb and heartstring-gripping piece.

Jarre even had to devise a special method for playing this particular track, which I have never seen used by anyone elsewhere, ever. You'll see it in his live performances of this part, an example of which I plan to feature here soon (it was in the Monaco concert, I mention in case you'd like to check it out before then).

You just need to remember to keep breathing that wonderful oxygen while listening, even when it has become so easy to forget to do so...

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