Friday, 16 August 2013

On My Way to Nowhere

This is the new song by neutrinoP for which I provided the words, to his specification. Anyone who has read his recounting of what it is like during those coma-induced visits to 'the other place' every so many weeks, will recognise all that I put into these special words. It has been a great privilege for me to have been thus involved in this truly exceptional project.

This is On My Way to Nowhere, performed by GUMI (in English) as both lead singer and  backing group, and I think it is something of a masterpiece. I know it was very complex to produce, and had expected it to have taken several days more to put together. This is a remarkable achievement!

Although there is no video as yet (there will be, probably soon) here is the SoundCloud version of the song. I hope it conveys something of that experience, so we can all appreciate at least a part of what the poor fellow goes through so regularly.

UPDATE: His original story is here, from which I wrote the lyrics (from memory: I did not need to refer to it), which I wasn't going to link to here, but neutrino himself has just made that link, so I now know it is all right to do so.

Even apart from all that, I think it stands on its own as a powerful song on its own merits.

Note that, as always with SoundCloud widgets, it sometimes needs a page reload to appear and is otherwise just a blank space(!) It's a significant bug that really should have been solved by now...

Here are the lyrics...

Tiny, I am nothing, in the vast universe
I feel that I am real, but it still feels worse
I think I once was more, but now this is my all
Struggling to be more, once again to be big and tall.
I just need some more
More energy
It’s wonderful
It comes to me, but so slowly
My journey begins
I gain strength as I go
Sights and sounds start to come
And color returns to my world

Now I feel greater, more like I really am
This other place, though, it’s really just a sham
I seem to be going nowhere, but I’ve passed this way before
I have to keep going, to find that special door
I just need some more
More energy
It’s wonderful
It comes to me, but so slowly
My journey begins
Gaining strength as I go
The sights and sounds still come
And color now floods my world

Coming near (I can feel it now)
Almost here (any moment now)
There they are, in the walls and room
And beyond: the window to my room

I just can’t move
I need a friend
Hand on my shoulder
Helps me over
A hundred others
Smile upon me
They all know that
This is my way home, it’s the key

There I am, lying on the bed
So still and silent, I might have been dead
Now the KICK, sends me spinning round
And then I land hard – but what’s that sound?
It’s me, I am screaming with the pain!
The agony of coming back again
It’s home, I’m home! But my arms are so numb...
To remind me of that other continuum...

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