Friday, 23 August 2013

Galaco in my Fluffoughts

Along with the standard SeeU, Galaco performs Leave In Summer, You're In My Fluffoughts as a duet. There are no English words provided, but I thought it was important to remind everyone that Galaco is set to be 'deactivated' at the end of October – just ten weeks or so away.

I think it is very sad; but in the meantime we can enjoy performances such as this, and such things will not vanish as they at least are not dependent upon her continued on-line presence and support. There are a few technical glitches in the video, which is a shame (it might be the 'bones' in the skirt, or it might be something else that is at fault) but it's still good, once one allows for that.

It is also sad to note that, even sooner, it appears that the South Korean support community for vocaloids, the excellent CreCrew, is planning on shutting down its website. This could leave SeeU (and her male counterpart, USee a.k.a. SeeWoo) without sufficient support to keep going indefinitely.

This is all very worrying; but for now let's just enjoy the performance. Note SeeU's alpaca depicted on the rear wall of the stage: if your reactions are quick enough you can get a good view of the two of them in-shot together by pausing the video at 46 seconds in...

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