Monday, 19 August 2013

Where and What on Earth?

There are any number of videos on YouTube (and no doubt on other video hosting platforms) using the facility within Google Earth to make a movie of a succession of locations and the transit from each to the next. Many of these feature a string of unusual or strange artifacts on the surface.

A lot of them are easily explained, whereas some no doubt have an alien connection of one kind or another. It's mixed. Some are narrated, others stand alone, sometimes with a music track or two.

This one (in three parts) by Rob Rock has been particularly well done, I think, and even the background music (from Godzilla) works very well. There are several within Britain, interestingly!

It all lasts just 20 minutes combined; and a list of the places and their coordinates is provided in the About section on the first video's YouTube page, accessible from here via the YouTube button on the first player once it has been activated. The second and third parts have the coordinates for its visited places captioned within them.

Of all the videos of this genre that I have been checking out in recent weeks, this is the best I have yet found to showcase here for discerning visitors...

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

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