Friday, 2 August 2013

Love Words – For Five

I featured Love Words (Ai Kotoba) not so long ago; but this version, featuring five Lat-designed models, is I think very good so warrants a spot here, even without the English words on this occasion.

Personally, I do like the outfits: the classic high-waisted, plain light-coloured, virtually sleeveless, medium-length, boat neckline summer dress that is just so lightweight and feminine. I much prefer it to (but can live with) the shorter fashions that have become the norm – especially for stage performances – in recent decades.

Now, look closely at our five artistes. From right to left, they are: Luka, Teto, Miku, Akita Neru, and...who? Apparently this fifth lady might be Kiku, about whom I know next to nothing. Checking Google Images, I find that this could be correct, though Kiku doesn't usually have a Teto-like 'double drill' hairstyle...

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