Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Wizards in Winter – New Light Show

As is an annual tradition on this 'blog, I am featuring a light show set to Trans-Siberian Orchestra's excellent Wizards in Winter. I searched for a new one, created this year, and ploughed through (at least part of each of) more than a dozen 2013 videos of this.

Disappointingly, most were of low technical quality, poor sound, or were somewhat lacklustre as these shows go. One even started half-way through. I don't know what has happened: it suggests that much, perhaps most, of the sheer creativity and attention to technical and other matters has passed its peak and is now in decline. Or it could just be a bad year and 2014 will be back to the higher standard we have witnessed before.

In the end, I found two that were worthy of inclusion here, and I think this one is fractionally better than the other one, overall (despite having been taken in a way that makes the house seem to be listing to one side), so here it is for your enjoyment...

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