Sunday, 29 December 2013

Episodic Haruhi

It has been almost a year (would you believe) since I recommended the wonderful Hauhi Suzumiya series to visitors here, since when quite a few new regulars have added to the mix of readers/viewers here.

The following video is the first episode, with automatic feed-through to each episode in turn, making it more controllable (despite Haruhi's wild nature!) for the viewer, rather than the all-in-one versions of each series I posted last January. Those have since disappeared anyway.

As then, this is dubbed into English, and features a top-notch narration by the excellent Crispin Freeman – probably the best of its kind ever done anywhere in the world. He gets the mood and manner of Kyon just right, introducing us to 'Mr Happy (not)' in a way that is brilliant and perfectly contoured to the character.

As far as my inexpertise can determine, there are occasional very mild adult references scattered throughout the series, and the language is just one level off fully family-friendly, so it's probably not advisable for the under-12s (again using the official film classification bands as a guide) – but the underlying nature of what turns out to be quite a complex storyline probably wouldn't appeal to those below that kind of age anyway.

Now, although there will always be a few 'Kyon's in the real world, perhaps the odd one or two reading these words right now, I suspect that most viewers of this landmark series will be at least smiling most of the way through, and probably laughing a lot too: it's quite infectious...

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