Sunday, 22 December 2013

Dream Dream

As a short break from Christmassy videos, here's Miku with the popular Deco*27 song Yume Yume ('Dream Dream') complete with English – and Japanese as well, both Kanji and romanised – subtitles. This was uploaded just a few days ago, so you probably haven't seen it yet.

This is one of those with a number of costume and other changes as we go along, and it works very well. Those who have been following the Vocaloid scene as I have unfolded it on this 'blog will recognise a few of the outfits as being associated with a particular song, and the standard Append box-art model, along with several others. There are even cat ears...

It's just one of those things that human performers cannot do – especially instant hair colour and style changes – and it all adds to the enjoyment...

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