Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Merli Magic

Lapis' older sister Merli is now ready, and will be released a week from today, on Christmas Eve – so there's one idea for a last-minute gift, perhaps even to oneself!

As anticipated, her voice is more mature than that of Lapis, and perhaps lacks some of the little one's charm while adding some characteristics of her own. The two demos below, of Justitia and Fate Leading Star (in Japanese, and with no English words supplied so far) give a good idea of her capabilities, and from these alone I feel confident in being able to judge Merli to be another worthwhile addition to the Vocaloid ranks. They are really getting to be very good indeed.

There has been a joint demo track produced with Lapis as well as Merli, but that has been taken down for the time being. I shall feature it here when it re-appears, as it surely must...

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