Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Conflate and Confuse – Part Deux

This is actually quite funny, especially when one bears in mind its source: probably the most discredited and self-confessed fabricator within the Labour ranks, who has had to admit it publicly more than once (it's all on the record so can be easily checked).

It is also interesting to see which local to me (i.e. Medway) Labour person has retweeted this – yes, the Labour candidate for Chatham and Aylesford. He seems determined to become such a laughing-stock as to lose quite spectacularly, come 2015. Read on to see why....

The claim is that there is a numerical difference between the numbers on the two charts shown at the link. One shows an increase in employment of 1·1 million over the past three years, the other shows something related but different – that 1·3 many private sector jobs have been created during the same period..

Ignoring vacancies, training and other comparatively small variables, all of which are changing all the time of course, it is not exactly a secret that something approaching a quarter of a million public sector posts have also gone. After all, it was Labour and the Union pals who were beefing about this very factor themselves not so long ago.

Therefore it becomes simplicity itself to see why there is this difference between the two numbers. Are Labour so dim-witted that they don't even understand these two separate but simple enough indicators? If so, they are hardly competent to run our country: a bunch of schoolboys would do much better. If not, that means it is yet another attempt at misrepresentation, which again disqualifies them from running the nation.

Britain deserves – and still needs – much better than that!

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