Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Immature World

That title is a good description for Planet Earth and specifically its human population anyway, but I don't know if the meaning of this song accords with that broader view either in part or in total. Probably not at all...

This, though, is the promised duet of the fairy sisters, Merli and Lapis, that vanished shortly after first being uploaded to YouTube earlier this week. Here it is back again, presumably with whatever was found wanting in the earlier version now fixed. The song is by Taishi.

It won't be to everyone's taste as songs go (but, then again, what is?) but is a useful demonstration of how the two voices can work together. While they are not an automatic complementary pair, for items such as this they actually work well together; and I think this pairing opens up another of those areas that perhaps haven't really been well suited to Vocaloid usage before now.

Yes, I know: I'm probably being too analytical, betraying my background as more behind-the-scenes in and close to the music industry in years gone past, but it's a useful perspective to have sometimes, especially in this relatively new and supremely exciting area of the industry...

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