Sunday, 29 December 2013

Sunday Slot – 29 December 2013

I haven't written one of these for over three months, for a very good reason. After the revelations in the videos I embedded here back then, I (not unexpectedly) started to receive some 'interesting' responses from, specifically, within the Roman Catholic church.

Were these contributions facing up to the issues raised in the videos, much of which is easy enough to verify from history? No: like a Lefty politician would probably do when the game is up, it was the usual selection of diversionary tactics including ad hominem  attacks on me as the messenger. Not one of them dealt with any point raised in the revelations – which, interestingly, were and are tied into the biblical Book of Revelation.

They knew, and were complicit: there is no other possible reason for taking that approach. Put yourself in an analogous position, and ponder how you'd respond. Yup, clear-cur, isn't it?

That warned me; so I have allowed what I hope is enough time to elapse so that they think they have cowed me into inaction. They are wrong: I have never stopped letting others know, and enough seeds have now been sown that – now – more harm would be done to the Satanists' cause by acting against me in any way, than would occur if they just ignore me.

Interestingly, the only comment that did relate to anything specific was in relation to the second video in that earlier post, concerning the Throne of Satan – as even Vatican staff refer to it, and they aren't joking either! Take a look at these photographs of it and see what you think.

The comment tried to suggest that it was just 'poor taste in art' or words to that effect; but it must be obvious to anyone, by looking at the original illustration of what was to be Satan's throne, that it was clearly deliberately modelled on that. It is inconceivable that the commissioning Vatican official(s) could have been unaware of the original design and it is all an unlucky coincidence, just because it isn't a precise copy. We weren't born yesterday...

Unfortunately for the Catholic professional trolls (for that is how they behaved), I have considerable experience of that kind of beast, so had not a moment's difficulty in sussing out what they were really doing or why. Their reaction to what I posted confirms so much more strongly than anything I could have written just how strong a grip the devil has upon that organisation, and of course also does nothing to contradict the historically vacked-up contention that it has been so for many centuries..

While it is hardly surprising that an unscrupulous and completely immoral opponent should infiltrate and seek to corrupt his opponent's most important edifices, subverting and undermining from within, this is a most dangerous time when some very big things are set to occur soon. We are now aware that the anti-Christ has been on Earth for some time, and that his throne has been prepared. Armed with that knowledge, we are now better equipped to prepare ourselves for what is shortly to come upon us.

We shall all need God's help and guidance, through His Holy Spirit, to get us through the tough times ahead. Already, persecution and murder of Christians by certain seemingly satanic movements is rife: it's always there, out in the world, but has reached a whole new proportion in recent years (also this).That specific targeting, which often also includes the Jews, demonstrates very clearly where it originates and gives a huge and unmistakeable clue about its origin (only the devil in specifically interested in those two groupings, and content to ignore all others).

This is a dangerous time. May all the good, decent people of Planet Earth survive intact what is yet to come, the spiritual storm that brings a tide of crazed inhumanity in its wake, with murder in their eyes and blood already on their hands, either as individuals or collectively. They are with Satan and obviously so: we must be with the true God, no matter what it brings for us personally.

We know which side will win out in the end, and after a relatively short period: it has been foretold. We just have to stick it out – somehow – while the oppressors, the persecutors and the murderers around us try to change the already-known future. Ultimately they will fail!

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