Monday, 9 December 2013

Kozue dances Viva Happy

I originally posted this video here almost three months ago, but it warrants a re-post, especially as I have some more information now, the pertinent parts of which I shall summarise in a few short paragraphs...

As I have mentioned before, the wonderful Kozue Aikawa left Danceroid a while back owing to physical health problems at the time. The troupe recruited replacement members (nowadays they are seven strong) and Kozue appears to be back in form.

As a talent not to be wasted, Kozue has returned to dancing more recently, and has pursued the demanding task of finding someone to partner her who could perform as well, including keeping up, which is no mean feat!

Lilia has been the answer – sometimes known in a more feline version of her name Lilia-nyan, or as Lilymouse, as here, dancing to Mitchie M's recent vocaloid release Viva Happy, which I have also featured before in its original form. The rather bland setting is perhaps a little disappointing, but that's the only negative I can find, and a mild one at that.

Those of a certain age will spot a Tiller Girls step or two in among the various moves in this typically complex routine, though I doubt the performers are aware of its origin. Churu-chu-chu...

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