Monday, 9 December 2013

The Girl From Ipanema

This delightfully tuneful classic is here sung in Brazilian Portuguese by Maika, the new Spanish Vocaloid. It is not (yet) very well known that Voctro Labs added some non-Spanish phonemes to Maika's voicebank to make this kind of performance possible. The lady is certainly versatile!

For those familiar with the language (and when I worked on the public counters in Immigration the lady on the next position spoke Portuguese, from whom I picked up a little) the differences in pronunciation in the Brazilian variation are noticeable, and Voctro seem to have done a very good job on this. Her release date is 18 December, just over a week from now (as I write this).

Overall, I think it's a nice treatment, and benefit's from Maika's clear and slightly more mature voice than many of the Japanese Vocaloids have – so here is Garota de Ipanema...

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