Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Voc-Xmas 2013 – Lux et spes KOBE

It's not in English, but this is so nice that I don't think the lack of English words really matters, any more than it does for Latin Christmas and other songs, carols and hymns. That said, I shall of course post the English-subtitled (or captioned) version if and when it appears and I find it!

On the subject of Latin, there are some Latin words (just a few) within this, captioned at top-right, about three and a half minutes in...
Caelum lucidum
Levis corde
Plenus lumine noctis
Lux et spes means 'light and hope', I should explain for those who do not know Latin. – and no, 'Levis corde' does not mean a brand of corduroy jeans(!)

This video features the ever-charming fairy Vocaloid Lapis Aoki, whose delightful voice is absolutely perfect here...

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