Monday, 23 December 2013

Voc-Xmas 2013 – Merry Merry Christmas

I have been looking for some time (months!) for a version of this with English subtitles or captions, without success, but in the end have decided to go with it anyway as it's just such a delight. Yes, I know I did this with Snow Miku just a few days ago, but it bears repetition as you will see.

Miku in her Santa costume is irresistible – even though some leggings might have been beneficial in the cold, snowy weather. A garter on one side isn't going to keep her warm!

For any visitor here who (a) likes this costume concept and (b) has access to Nico Nico Douga, there's a nice video here of three Lat Teto models, the lead one in a (somewhat different) Santa outfit, performing the famous World Is Mine. It is worth noting, in regard to this, that Teto's screams are very good, though Miku's are probably still the best in the business...

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