Friday, 22 February 2013

Vocaloids at NekoCon

This 41-minute video (it should have been 51 mins but the last chunk has apparently been removed) taken at the AniMiku concert which was held as part of the NekoCon15 event in Virginia (USA) on 10 November 2012 is generally excellent, with superb models of Miku, Rin, Gumi, SeeU and CUL – the last being one of several performers we encounter all too rarely, and who really should be featured at these events more often.

The motion quality varies a little, a lot of the time being not quite as natural as it could have been, though close. SeeU's Leaving Donna was top-notch, though (and what a reception from the audience upon her appearance!) and Miku's Wave File in this regard excelled as well. Sapporo2011 is still the gold standard for motion along with quality of models and lighting, in my judgment.

At this event, having a starry background (rather than having it as part of the projection) means that the 'stars' shine through the performers – something I'd suggest not be done in future.

As for musical content: there was no live backing on this occasion, again just fractionally marring the air of authenticity. There are several newer songs that you might not have encountered before, the most enjoyable I have found being Lemon Ice Bar and Tatsumaki.

If you switch to full screen view, which I recommend, do also select an appropriate (for your display) High Definition resolution via the cogwheel icon in the video player's toolbar...

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