Thursday, 14 February 2013

Miku Sneak Preview

There is to be a 'sneak preview' of the MikuUK concert, and this preview will be held at the SunnyCon event in Sunderland next month. The venue is to be the Passion Night Club, and it will start at 1900 hrs on 23 March 2013. Tickets for this will be available only from within the main SunnyCon event. See the poster (copied below for convenience)...

Tickets will be on a first-come, first-served basis, so there is no point in my trying to get there (from here) early enough for a ticket. I am content to await the main event, whose details will be announced a short time after this preview event.

For anyone either already going to the main event, or within close enough range of it, I do suggest seriously considering going to the preview. It's one of those experiences that, until you've actually done it, you probably have much idea of just how special it is.

Some folk already have a fairly good idea, such as this lady, who is absolutely typical of the fan-base. It is a perhaps surprisingly powerful effect that Miku and the others have on many people, as I have read among (literally) several thousand comments on YouTube alone.

There is so much affection for Miku and friends out there – and this isn't the hormonally over-active teen Justin Bieber swoonerati (I just invented that word!) although there are probably a few of that category in the mix. I've been around long enough (having lived through Beatlemania, for example) to be able to recognise the difference.

So, this is a significant event, produced by fans for fans, as will be the big one itself, a few months hence (looking like August or September). I spent the best part of hours yesterday evening re-watching the Sapporo event that I featured here last Christmas Eve and that kicked-off this whole business for me and this 'blog. It was an absolute joy, and euphoric for me throughout – and that doesn't happen very often, I can tell you!

I can hardly wait for the Scottish event!

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