Sunday, 10 February 2013

Ave Maria

This is just right for a Sunday, especially with the images and film scenes accompanying the singer...

You might be surprised that the singer was a Vocaloid named Prima, who was expressly designed to be able to handle this and other what tend to be called 'classical' genres. Prima is I think still the only vocaloid to be able to match Miku's highest notes, and has the widest compass of any of them.

There aren't all that many Prima performances around, mainly because (a) the software was considerably more expensive than the other vocaloid packages, and (b) it was far from easy to use successfully, especially by those who are not professional composers or musicians.

Even so, those that exist (and I intend to feature at least some of them, over a period of time) are valuable contributions to the wealth of material nowadays readily available on-line.

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