Friday, 1 February 2013

Bad Leek?

Okay, so the song is really Bad Apple – but this is Miku, so we can expect her most famous accessory to be putting in an appearance as a substitute for the fruit.

This is a good use of both a 'normal' version of Miku (with a very effective platinum-silver finish!) and a 'Dark Lib' originated model (complete with fan, as we've seen before with this model) alongside, together with some very clever blending of the two images in part of the video – something I've never encountered before and didn't even realise was possible.

It's all getting very advanced, powerful and flexible these days!

The song itself is quite powerful, rock-y, and certainly memorable. It works really well with the two Miku 'light and dark' facets, which in itself is somewhat reminiscent of Superman II in some ways...

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